China accuses US of bullying its tech firms

China has taken aim at the US saying its tech firms are victims of “naked bullying”.


The accusations come as the Chinese government launches a new set of global guidelines for technology companies.


Its new initiative outlaws illegally obtaining people’s data and large-scale surveillance.


Last month a similar data privacy effort was announced by the US called The Clean Network.


It is the latest clash between Washington and Beijing over data security issues which has already embroiled TikTok, Huawei and WeChat.


In recent months, the Trump administration has taken steps to block Chinese tech firms like Huawei and Chinese apps including TikTok and WeChat saying they pose threats to national security.


“Some individual countries are aggressively pursuing unilateralism, throwing dirty water on other countries under the pretext of ‘cleanliness’, and conducting global hunts on leading companies of other countries under the pretext of security,” China’s State Councillor Wang Yi said.


“This is naked bullying and should be opposed and rejected.”


On Tuesday, Mr Wang said the new initiative also calls for tech firms to not create backdoors, secret access to a company’s data and network, into their services.

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