PolymerTrack API:
Global Polymer Pricing In Your Hands


PolymerTrack API

Here at PolymerTrack our aim is to be the best, most convenient service for providing global polymer prices you can trust. This endeavour continues with the introduction of our long awaited API.

Currently available to our clients as an Open Beta, our API provides a simple, straight forward method for retrieving polymer price data directly from our database, ready to use by any system. Data is called using a simple POST request to our system and returned as a JSON Array, easily parsed in any programming language.

Bespoke Applications Without Limits

Our API is the perfect solution for companies and organisation looking to integrate our price data into their own apps, systems, and websites. With our data and your desired software you can create a fully bespoke experience with no limitations.

Usage Examples may include:

  • Store data into your system to provide offline pricing to staff on the go.
  • Import price data into your own graphical, analytical or reporting software.
  • Integrate our data as part of a larger app or system.
  • Use our pricing data within a calculator or automated document.

These are just a few suggestions for how you might use our new API. Whatever your requirement, a bespoke system is possible.

The PolymerTrack API is available to all current and future PolymerTrack Subscribers. Join the Beta today.

Simple request format

Requests can be made quickly and easily in your programming language of choice. Simply make a post request with your requirements. Download Full Documentation Here.

Example using PHP and cURL

PolymerTrack API example using PHP and cURL

Easy to use in any language

All data output in an easy to parse JSON array, suitable for use in any system.

JSON array output example:

[{"id":8308,"date":"2020-06- 08","country":1,"material":4,"value":"739"},{"id":8316,"date":"2020-06- 15","country":1,"material":4,"value":"739"},{"id":8324,"date":"2020-06- 22","country":1,"material":4,"value":"739"},{"id":8332,"date":"2020-06- 29","country":1,"material":4,"value":"750"},{"id":87836,"date":"2020-07- 06","country":1,"material":4,"value":"750"}]1