PET prices in Japan

PET Prices in Japan

PolymerTrack is one of the world’s leading polymer pricing indexes, distributing weekly PET prices to indicate the lowest average price that PET resin is traded at across Japan and the global markets.

We source data on PET from suppliers, processors and distributors operating in Japan with transactions exceeding 250 tons per month and compile that data into one comprehensive pricing index for our clients in Japan.

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Whether you require a short or long term solution, PolymerTrack provides its users with the ideal platform to monitor regional and global trade prices of PET over time; allowing you to combine historical and forecasted data to decide the best time and price to buy or sell PET.

For users in Japan, PolymerTrack also supplies weekly bulletins to keep those interested in PET reliably informed of the latest industry news, so that our subscribers are always in a position to move on the latest market trends and stay ahead of the curve.

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